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Canceled - FT - 9  Restoration of the Sagebrush Steppe at the Peregrine Fund’s World Center for Birds of Prey

Trip Leaders:  Ann DeBolt and Roger Rosentreter

8:00 am - 1:00 pm
Fee:  $75.00  includes Continental breakfast, boxed lunch, water, and transportation

The Peregrine Fund’s World Center for Birds of Prey is located on a high bench just 11 miles south of the Convention Center (Boise Center on the Grove). This 581-acre site provides excellent views in all directions, two short hiking trails (approx. ¼ and ½ mile; a mix of gravel and dirt), a 4 acre sagebrush-steppe restoration area, and an opportunity to see California Condor, Harpy Eagle, Burrowing Owl, and other raptors up close and personal. Within the visitor center, you will not only see these birds, but you will learn about the important research conducted around the world by Peregrine Fund scientists, including captive breeding programs. The sagebrush-steppe restoration area will be toured by walking the short interpretative trails which meander through the site. Attendees will see several different sagebrush species, grasses, forbs, and biocrusts, and learn about efforts to expand restoration efforts. Remnant bunchgrass species are also present.  After viewing the restoration area, there will be an opportunity to tour the education center and see some of the captive birds of prey. If time permits and participants are interested, The Archives of Falconry is also on-site, and provides a fascinating look at this ancient form of hunting.

FT - 13  Idaho Botanical Garden

Trip Leader: Garden Staff

10:00 am to noon
Fee: $40 - includes transportation, water, and entrance fee

Join Idaho Botanical Garden docents on a tour of the grounds. This walk introduces you to the history of the Garden and the major features of the grounds.

For accessibility Information:  The distance from the admission kiosk to the classroom and the more cultivated, shaded portion of the Garden is 212 yards long. This includes a 24 yards-long ramp that meets ADA slope requirements.  There are areas of the garden where the path material is more gravely, areas where the sloped path is lawn, and in those cases we have alternative routes available that could be used.